Should Gratuities Automatically Be Added?

March 28, 2017

From restaurants to spa services, it seems like more and more businesses are adding gratuities to your final bill without informing the patron of this upfront.  Unfortunately, that was my experience over the last few weeks.  I understand that wait staff in restaurants don't get paid very much and rely heaviliy on tips.  But, I'm of the belief that, I tip according to the quality of service received.  It's pretty presumptious of businesses to assume their staff is providing high quality service 100% of the time that warrants automatically adding 20% gratuity to your bill.  I believe in tipping 20% or more when the service is really great or very little to nothing if the service is poor.  


I know this can be a very controversial topic.  But, I'm curious to know your thoughts.  So, my question is - do you believe gratuities should automatically be added to your bill or should it be your choice whether to leave or not leave a tip?

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