If you're like me, you love animals - especially dogs.  If I worked at a veterinarian clinic or similar practice, I would want to take every animal home.  My heart breaks when I see a homeless animal searching for food or trying to find shelter.  There have been times when I've cancelled lunch or dinner with friends, because I came across a stray animal on my way.  I had to stop and try to help the animal in any way possible.


I have a big heart and so do my furry friends.  Unfortunately, not everyone treats animals with the love and affection they deserve.  Time and time again, we hear the horror stories about the mistreatment of animals.  This brings me to a story that aired recently on Fox 2 News about the Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) saving six puppies who were abandoned, hairless, malnutritioned, and suffered from intestinal worms.  DDR asked the public to help by donating funds needed to aid in the recovery.  I was so happy to see the next day that the $6,000 - $8,000 requested was met by caring, good hearted people.  I donated too and was so glad I did.  My heart was filled with joy when people stepped up to help.


I enjoy giving back, especially to those who don't have a voice.  This is why I donate money and time to various organizations that need assistance.  It's such a rewarding experience to help others no matter who they are - man, woman, child, or animal.


We at, Envision Event Planning donate 10% of its fees to charities like DDR and others that help those in need.  I hope you will join me in the effort too.

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